Technical Consulting

GEKATEK Engineering Services Co.Ltd. which provides engineering and consultancy services on welding technology and non-destructive testing and performs ship design and projects in line with customer requests and demands, is an engineering and consulting company that was established in June 2019 in Karadeniz Technical University Teknokent.


- Preparation of WPS / WPQRs according to the relevant standard for metallic materials (EN ISO 15608 material group; 1-2-3-8),

- Determination of welding methods, materials and consumables,

- Determination of weld seam dimensions,,

- Determination of weld process control forms,

- Determination of parameters to be checked before, during and after welding,

- Determination of the precautions to be taken for the prevention of welding defects

- Determination of destructive and non-destructive methods to be applied before, during and after welding,

- Determination of weld seam quality levels,

- Establishment of welding process quality management system,